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Leaving on the Strange Way to Reo Purgyil Peak

Settled in the core of Himachal Pradesh's Kinnaur area, Reo Purgyil arises as difficult for traveling devotees. Taking off to a level of 6817 meters, this imposing pinnacle, otherwise called Leo Pargial, orders consideration as a component of a monstrous massif ignoring the great Waterway Sutlej.

Setting out on the Reo Purgyil Endeavor

Starting the experience from Shimla, our 8-day endeavor unfurls through amazing scenes. The excursion unwinds as follows:

Day 01:

Landing in Shimla and drive to Kalpa:

Beginning in Shimla, our journey starts with a fortifying 9-hour drive to Kalpa. Settled in the midst of snow-covered mountains, Kalpa offers a beautiful prologue to the looming experience.

Day 02:

Drive to Reckong Peo and journey to Chitkul:

Setting out on a moving drive to Reckong Peo, trailed by a 5-hour trip to Chitkul, the keep going town on the Tibet line, makes way for a thrilling encounter.

Day 03:

Trek to Narua from Chitkul:

A requesting 8-hour journey from Chitkul to Narua unfurls, crossing 20 km of rough territory. Narua, with its dreamlike magnificence, gives a quiet setting to rest and revival.

Day 04:

Journey from Narua to Upper Chitkul:

Exploring the rising way to Upper Chitkul, this 6-hour journey offers all encompassing perspectives, coming full circle in a serene night by the huge fire.

Day 05:

Journey from Upper Chitkul to Reo Purgyil Headquarters:

Setting out on the most difficult stretch of the excursion, a 18 km journey to Reo Purgyil Headquarters guarantees an undertaking loaded up with exciting bends in the road.

Day 06:

Move to Reo Purgyil Pinnacle and back to Headquarters:

An impressive 8-hour move to the pinnacle is compensated with a strange encounter. Reo Purgyil's allure is heightened by the nighttime journey back to base camp.

Day 07:

Journey from Reo Purgyil Headquarters to Narua:

Sliding from the headquarters to Narua town, this 8-hour journey offers a special point of view of the scene.

Day 08:

Journey from Narua to Reckong Peo and drive to Shimla:

Closing the trip, a return venture from Narua to Reckong Peo, trailed by the drive back to Shimla, leaves travelers with a gold mine of recollections.

As the undertaking finishes up, the excursion from Shimla to Reo Purgyil and back unfurls as a story of versatility, experience, and the dauntless soul of investigation.

Uncovering the Puzzler of Reo Purgyil

Tucked close to the India-China line, Reo Purgyil allures explorers with its interesting appeal. Trekking enthusiasts have recently increased their interest in the challenging trail that leads to this remote treasure. Enhanced with a sharp vault structure and rough pinnacles, the pinnacle stands tall, hung in unending snow. Those brave enough to follow this path will reach Nako village, the summit of which few people have reached.

Confronting the Factors: Climate at Reo Purgyil

Persevering through brutal environments for a large portion of the year, Reo Purgyil is shrouded in snow, introducing an impressive test to climbers. With temperatures plunging underneath freezing around evening time, adventurers need powerful warm wear to endure the gnawing cold. The low oxygen levels require conveying more than adequate oxygen chambers to guarantee a protected rising.


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