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Kasol's Hidden Gem: The Sacred Manikarana Sahib Temple

Nestled in the serene town of Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh, lies a spiritual abode that's sure to leave you awestruck - the Manikaran Sahib Temple. Legend has it that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati visited this place, and Goddess Parvati lost her earrings in the river. The earrings were miraculously found in the hot water springs of Manikaran, which now attracts pilgrims from all over the world to take a dip and experience its healing properties.

The hot water springs of Manikaran are said to have medicinal properties and are believed to cure a variety of ailments. The water temperature can go up to 80 degrees Celsius, and you can see steam rising from the springs, creating an ethereal atmosphere. A dip in the hot water is believed to cleanse your body and mind, and it's a must-try experience when visiting the temple. There are separate pools for men and women, and you can rent towels and lockers nearby.

Apart from the hot water springs, the Manikaran Sahib Temple complex also includes a gurdwara that serves langar, a free community meal, to all visitors, 24x7. It's a beautiful example of the Sikh principle of seva, or selfless service, and offers an opportunity for visitors to experience the values of equality and service. The langar serves simple but delicious food, including rice, dal, and chapatis, and you can have as much as you want.

The temple's architecture is a beautiful fusion of Hindu and Sikh styles, and its intricate carvings and frescoes are a delight to the eyes. The main shrine houses a holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib, which is read out to the devotees. The atmosphere inside the temple is serene, and you can hear the soothing sounds of kirtan, devotional singing, in the background.

Apart from its spiritual significance, Manikaran Sahib Temple is also a popular trekking destination. The town of Kasol, where the temple is located, is known for its scenic beauty, laid-back vibe, and hippie culture, and attracts backpackers from all over the world. The trek to the temple is a short but steep one, and you can enjoy the stunning views of the Parvati Valley and the Beas River along the way.

Apart from that, there's no shortage of things to do and see in Kasol. You can explore the stunning Parvati Valley, which is home to several other trekking trails and waterfalls, or simply stroll around the town's narrow lanes and soak in its laid-back vibe. You can also indulge in local delicacies such as momos, thukpa, and butter tea, which are a must-try.

Here are the different ways you can reach Manikaran:

  1. By Road: Manikaran is well connected by road. You can take a bus or hire a taxi from Bhuntar, which is the nearest town to Manikaran. Bhuntar is around 35 kilometers away from Manikaran and is connected to major cities like Delhi and Chandigarh by road.

  2. By Train: The nearest railway station to Manikaran is Joginder Nagar, which is around 80 kilometers away. From Joginder Nagar, you can take a bus or hire a taxi to reach Manikaran.

  3. By Air: The nearest airport to Manikaran is Chandigarh airport . From the airport, you can take a bus or hire a taxi to reach Manikaran.

To visit Manikaran, Kasol is the closest and most popular stop where you can find a market for your needs. For comfortable and budget-friendly accommodation in Kasol, hostels situated in the town's central market area are a great option. These hostels offer a relaxed atmosphere and hospitable staff, ideal for unwinding after a day of trekking or visiting temples. Additionally, the upcoming Hogwartz Hostel located in Kasol's main market is a backpacker's paradise that will make your stay in Kasol unforgettable.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your visit as soon as possible !!


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